“A great deal of our growth is in part to asset based lending, we have added three new clients increasing our sales by $3.5M. Not to mention two of our key suppliers have increased our credit limits and terms. Our clients demand competitive pricing and credit of up to 75 days. The lender you introduced is responsible for us meeting these goals. Thank You Shannon for everything.”

Jorge Culebro, CFO Right Hand Synergy & Mfg.

Recent Funding: P.O. Financing

Industrial equipment supplier + Growing + 10 years in business + Expanding operations into Mexico + Non-Notification AR revolving line of credit needed to supplement cash flow while increasing sales on terms to new and growing accounts
Voice automated inventory interface solutions company + Growing contracts with national accounts + Extending credit to remain competitive in the market exhausted working capital + Non-Notification AR line of credit enabled the company to seek more accounts and increase workflow without the constraints of limited cash flow

Tactical gear mfg. + New in business + Required capital to fill substantial order for Gov’t contract + P.O. financing offered a solution to make the order possible and increase the companies ability to source larger orders and fulfill contracts they would have otherwise avoided

Defense contractor + Bankable yet under-banked + Needed a substantial line increase to meet the demands for payroll on new larger contracts with the U.S. Gov’t + Asset Based Lending provided access to a commitment to lend up to $2.5M in order to compete for the contract +Revolving AR LOC enable the company to advance on the working capital tied up on net 30-60 day terms


Merry Christmas!

Licensed toy importing distributor + 10 yrs in business + Seasonal HIGH sales + Holiday orders were greater than expected for 2016 + Depleted cash reserves + Uses a factor to fund the AR + NEED $750,000 to complete $1.3M orders + Required a 30% deposit to China supplier upon ordering + 40% when on-board and final payment at U.S. Port + Clients profit margin on this order in upward of 35% + We anticipate the final cost for funding to be approximately 10% + Without this capital the client would have walked away from an approximate profit of $325,000!

Contractor confidently secures payroll…

Client:  Contractor providing structural concrete form, design, and fabrication for large multi-unit projects a $250,000 Non-Notification AR line of credit to confidently secure payroll as they ramp up a $3M project for 2017.

Function:  The line is activated when the borrow places an advance request accompanied by a borrowing base certificate formulated by collateral in the accounts receivable.  The max LTV is 80% of eligible AR without concentration limitations, however excluding any AR over 90 days old.

Repayment and fee reconciliationOnce the borrower receives customer payments they repay the advance.  Fee is charged daily on the outstanding balance of the loan (not collateral) and is roughly .066 per day or $66.00 per day per $100,000. = $2000 per month. Client is invoiced on the 5th day of the following month for fees rendered in the previous.  Not a Daily ACH Working Capital Program

Bankable, but still needed more…

TransCapital has recently funded an unsecured $550,000 (6 month) term loan for an installation and servicing business in the growing solar industry. The company’s bank line of credit was limited, making it increasingly difficult to maintain the demand for labor and materials. By providing a seasonal advance to assist during slower cash flow cycles, they were able to maintain all of their expense obligations and prepare for a stellar year end.

25 years in business and growing…

TransCapital has recently approved a $500,000 line of credit to advance against Accounts Receivable and earned yet unbilled income. With over 25 years in the property management and custodial services business, this company has become a top awarded contract holder to the government and medical sectors. Unfortunately, their billing cycle is month end for services rendered in advance, with payment expected 30-60 days thereafter. Access to increased cash flow gave this company the opportunity to make larger contract commitments they otherwise couldn’t support financially.

When opportunity knocks be ready!

TransCapital has recently funded a company providing tactical apparel and equipment to local/Western U.S. law enforcement. The company had been in business for over 10 years when their largest competitor withdrew from the local market. With quick decision making and loan approval they could confidently support these new contracts. By having access to increased cash flow, this company has the ability to double sales revenue in 2014.

Lending options include temporary and long term solutions for providing the maximum loan to value against AR, Inventory, Purchase Orders, Goods In Transit and Free and Clear Equipment.

Shannon Shular

Providing manageable solutions for your company Working Capital & Business Credit needs