Over the years I have known and worked with Shannon, I’ve see how her integrity and expertise have helped San Diego companies finance payroll and working capital needs, especially related to the government contracting space.
Steve Lopez,
Vice President & Senior Relationship Manager

I have worked with Shannon for over 15 years and found her to be straightforward and very professional. We recently referred a manufacturing company to Shannon that has been very satisfied with their transition. She offered a competitive working capital solution and assisted the company in a smooth transition to meet their financing needs.
Dino D’Auria,
Southern California Regional President


Shannon Shular 2014Discrete non-notification ‘Accounts Receivable and Inventory Lines of Credit’ are cost effective alternatives to bank financing.   Asset Based Lenders focus on the quality of collateral rather than balance sheet strength. To qualify for asset based lending borrowers pledge receivables, inventory, P.O.’s or equipment as collateral to support their growing capital requirements.

   •   Asset Based Lending: Non-notification AR & inventory advances to increase cash flow.
   •  Contract Financing: Confidently fund payroll expenses with advances against contracts that have not been invoiced.
   •  Purchase Order and Production Finance:  Make deposits to vendors and stay current on expenses to fulfill large orders. 
   •  Foreign AR Lending:  Line of credit against eligible (insured) foreign accounts receivable.

I’ve provided financing solutions for companies experiencing rapid growth and inconsistent credit conditions by increasing or supplementing their working capital, for over twenty years.  My knowledge of the lending market guides business’s through the process of meeting trusted lending partners underwriting discrete and flexible financing structures.