Below you’ll find a list of important business profile criteria to consider when sourcing a “lender of interest” to achieve the most competitive pricing, highest loan availability and ease of line operation.  My goal is to introduce the right decision maker within my network first, with a strong understanding and commitment to your business profile.  My process is streamlined with a burden on document collection only after rapport with a ‘lender of interest’ has been established.   

Profile criteria includes:

Specific Industry: Why not partner with a lender predominately serving your business market?  General type’s include: Manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and those progress billing or performing service based contracts.

Revenue: There are many pitfalls in choosing a lender that isn’t focused on your core line amount.  A general line amount falls between $200,000. – $5,000,000.

Collateral to support the financing structure: Knowing a lenders appetite for specific collateral and their conditions for lending against it is valuable.  Many lenders restrict availability against collateral outside of AR or exclude the value of other collateral entirely.  Typical assets include: AR, Inventory, Contracts, PO’s or Projected Sales.

Financial conditions of the company:  Don’t apply to lenders expecting financial strength when you lack it or vice versa and expect to receive the most attractive structure and terms.  Many of the lenders I represent supplement existing bank capital to provide the lowest cost for financing with a blended rate of ABL & Bank capital.  Many also lend to those that do not qualify for traditional bank financing or have unstable credit.

Know your place in the market:  If you’re applying for credit outside of your market with a lender unfamiliar with your industry, expect to experience inefficiencies. If your line amount doesn’t match the core profile of the lender you’re applying to, you should expect an increased costs and delays in their process.

Choosing a TRUSTED LENDING PARTNER can be expedited with my help.  Please see what my clients and colleagues have to say about my process.