Shannon Shular 2014

Are you missing out on larger orders or contracts due to a lack of capital to confidently fulfill the orders timely?

If so, you may want to explore the P.O. Financing and Contract Funding market again. Many of the lenders I represent now offer solutions to assist companies with growth by financing the upfront costs associated with larger orders and ongoing contracts. Take a look at some of the market changes below.

*ALSO financing foreign and domestic orders

  1. Jr. position financing for companies with preexisting bank secured lending
  2. WIP & progress billing expenses financed prior to invoicing
  3. Up-front deposits,and soft costs can be financed
  4. Funding for raw materials and production now available
  5. Reduced pricing
  6. Lower minimums per transaction
  7. No commitments

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Recent Funding: P.O. Financing

Licensed toy importing distributor + 10 yrs in business + Seasonal HIGH sales + Holidays orders were greater than expected for 2016 + Depleted cash reserves + Uses a factor to fund the AR + NEED $750,000 to complete $1.3M order + Required a 30% deposit to China supplier upon ordering + 40% when on-board and final payment at U.S. Port + Clients profit margin on this order in upwards of 35% + We anticipate the final cost for funding to be approximately 10% + Without this capital the client would have walked away from an approximate profit of $325,000!


Please contact me to discuss additional options for supporting your working capital needs.

Shannon Shular