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Do you have large Contracts or Purchase Orders pending?  Are you concerned with the cash flow to support these projects?

Purchase Order Financing and “Pre-Billing” capital is more accessible than it’s been for many years.  Take action to secure larger contracts with the confidence to adequately meet your expense obligations.

* ALSO financing foreign orders and service contracts





Consider the confidence of a “Letter of Support” commitment when bidding larger projects.  Oftentimes Asset Based Lenders provide a “Letter of Support” documenting the “Line of Credit” available to your company to meet the working capital demands for larger projects.  This builds financing stability for your company and may develop opportunities for larger scale contracts or orders.  Please find highlights of the programs listed below:

    1. Supplement existing Bank Lines of Credit.  
      NOT Bankable- NOT a problem
    2. WIP & Progress billing CAN BE FINANCED
    3. Upfront deposits and soft costs financing
    4. Funding for raw materials and production expenses
    5. Lower minimums per transaction
    6. No long term commitments


Please read the entire article for more instructions at: Getting Your D&B Report Into Shape.

Recent Funding’s & Approval’s:

$2,500,000 LINE OF CREDIT:  Branding & Digital Design agency + Growing +

Bankable yet under-banked +

Many profitable years in business + Expanding larger contracts with MAJOR brand accounts + Non-Notification AR line of credit needed to supplement cash flow while increasing sales to new and existing accounts.
$750,000 Receivable Financing Line for Maritime Scaffolding company + New In Business with many years of successful experience in the industry+ Growing contracts + Extending credit exhausted working capital + Receivables line of credit enabled the company to adequately finance operations while increasing workflow.
$500,000 Receivable Financing Line for Industrial Contractor to the oil, gas and renewable energy industry + New in business + Required capital to confidently bid substantial contracts in the Gas and Oil industry+ Access to capital as a new business is critical to maintaining positive cash flow and meeting payroll and expense obligations.
$1,000,000 Revolving AR LOC Medical Equipment Service provider + Company needed substantial capital to support new Joint Venture to service gov’t contracts + Asset Based Lending provided access to a commitment to lend of $2.5M in order to compete for the contract + Revolving AR LOC will enable the company to advance on the working capital tied up on net 30-60 day terms to maintain positive cash flow and meet employee compensation demands.

Please contact me to discuss additional options for supporting your working capital needs.

Shannon Shular