Shannon Shular 2014

Are you unable to bid larger projects? Uncertain of your cash flow for meeting business expenses?

Is so, there’s a greater possibility that you aren’t taking advantage of the growth opportunities available to your company. When you’re not confident in your capital ability to meet payroll and vendor/supplier obligations, you can’t take advantage of the market. Let me share solutions that could very well make the difference between growing and stagnation for your company.

*Financing foreign and domestic accounts

Asset based Lenders can also provide capital in second position to Bank Loans and Lines of Credit to facilitate larger contracts and increased demand for employee compensation and payments to vendors. These lines or credit and term loans are typically priced at Prime + 2% “annually” on the funds employed with a small servicing fee per month. Please call me to discuss a variety of NEW SOLUTIONS for meeting your working capital needs.


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“As my seasonal orders increased the demand for cash flow became our primary challenge. Shannon introduced the owners of a finance company to support our production expenses on large orders to Home Depot when the banks said no. Our 2015 sales revenue increased by 30% and I continue to draw on the term loan to confidently fund my company.”


Please contact me to discuss additional options for supporting your working capital needs.

Shannon Shular