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Access to capital is no longer an impediment to growing your business!

  • Borrowing-Base Formula Lines of Credit
  • Non-Notification Accounts Receivable LOC
  • Inventory & Goods In Transit Advances
  • P.O. and Production Funding
  • Contract Advances
  • Retail: Inventory & Term Loans
  • Construction & WIP LOC

Transcapital Services

Many of these program can supplement or replace your current bank financing without a long-term commitment.

Unlike traditional bank financing, relying heavily upon balance sheet strength and historical performance, asset based lenders focus on the quality of collateral, relationships and growth opportunities, rather than credit. To qualify for asset based lending borrowers pledge receivables, inventory, P.O.’s and equipment as collateral to support their growing capital requirements.

Email your capital concerns or question using this link:

“As my seasonal orders increased the demand for cash flow became our primary challenge. Shannon introduced the owners of a finance company to support our production expenses on large orders to Home Depot when the banks said no. Our 2015 sales revenue increased by over 30% and I continue to draw on the term loan to confidently fund my company.”

Please contact me to discuss additional options for supporting your working capital needs.

Shannon Shular