3 Most Common Questions & Answers Related To Asset Based Lending Programs


Shannon Shular 2014

It’s quite typical to receive a note of thanks once a line of credit is in place and satisfying the cash flow needs for a business. I often hear that in hindsight they’ve waited too long and should have done it sooner.

The message below I’ve demystified three common misconceptions related to the decision to use asset based lending as a capital resource.

Please let me know if I’ve overlooked one of yours…


Not the right time

Are you waiting for the bank to approve a loan or line of credit? If and when you do receive bank financing there aren’t any early termination or prepayment penalties to transfer out. Month to month programs are flexible for any financing transition.

Are you waiting for an increase from the bank? Use a temporary term loan or line of credit behind your secure facility until the increase is granted.

The process is intrusive

Are you apprehensive about the hassle of managing a borrowing base? Most AR lines of credit can be established with weekly reporting to match your borrowing needs.

Are you concerned about customer notification? The majority of the lines of credit I provide are non-notification. No verification calls, No collection calls and my clients manage all AR related issues.

The cost is high

Would you accept a credit card for payment? Have you taken a reduction in price for COD terms? Then you’ve already recognized the cost benefit of managing your cash flow more closely.

What is the cost? Most accounts can be established with an interest and fee component for combined rate of less than 1% per month.

Why not be proactive this year? Why not establish the financing to meet your businesses working capital needs throughout 2015? I look forward to assisting you with financing solutions.

Shannon Shular, TransCaptial, Inc.
Specializing in Financing Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Goods in transit, P.O.’s, Contracts, Term Loans, & Short term credit options

Shannon Shular