How do you intend to increase revenue? Have you considered an “Asset Based” financing solution?


Shannon Shular 2014

It’s quite typical to receive a note of thanks once a line of credit is in place and satisfying the cash flow needs for a business. I often hear that in hindsight they’ve waited too long and should have done it sooner.

Let me share some examples of why using asset based credit solutions in addition to bank lending, is a good method to free up cash flow, allowing you to focus on new growth opportunities.


Loan to value examples

  • Accounts Receivable: Up to 90%
  • Inventory: Up to 70% of cost
  • Goods in transit: 50% of cost
  • P.O.’s 50%-100% of cost associated with the orders
  • Earned yet unbilled contract advances: Employee compensation costs for larger contracts
  • Equipment: Up to 100% of forced liquidation value

Asset based lenders finance AR, inventory, contracts, P.O.’s, equipment, and contract driven payroll needs… when the bank won’t!

Increase revenue with the confidence and capital to support new growth! Call me to discuss lending options specific to your company’s working capital needs.

Shannon Shular